Metro is proud to be governed by a diverse and talented Board of Directors. Our organization is authorized up to 15 Board Members who meet quarterly on the third Thursday of the month except for December when they participate in our Anniversary Dinner.

Chris Moran, President

Occupation: Owner, Solar Negotiators

​"I serve on the Board of Directors because Metro serves the City of Fresno. I believe in the mission and the staff at Fresno Metro Ministry to do great things for our community."

Dr. Dan Griffin, Vice President & Board Recruitment Chair

Occupation: Associate Director, California State University of Fresno

"Fresno Metro Ministry is a forward-looking nonprofit that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the residents of the Central Valley through practical, meaningful, and consensus building programs."

Susan Moran, Secretary

Occupation: Marriage and Family Therapist, Northwest Family Center

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MaryJane Skjellerup, Finance Chair/Treasurer

Occupation: Policy Analyst, Equity and Access Program, FUSD

"Our Valley deserves to have informed and engaged civic leadership… Metro is committed to providing authentic opportunities for residents, businesses and faith groups to connect and learn together in order to design innovative solutions to our most pressing challenges."

Christina Alejo

Occupation: Program Director, Holistic Cultural & Education Wellness Center

"Albert Einstein once proposed, 'Only a life lived for others, is a life worthwhile.' This phrase has become a personal philosophy; the reason why I have served on the Metro board for over six years. I believe deeply in service and in connecting and engaging with others to create a more inclusive, respectful, and compassionate world. Together we CAN have healthier people and healthier places."

Dr. Matthew Jendian

Occupation: Director, Humanics at Fresno State

"I am very excited to be a Metro Board Member because of the organization's initiatives like Better Blackstone, Abundant Community and Food Recovery. I have always been an admirer of the staff and Metro leadership and very impressed with the organization’s work. I hope to serve as an effective liaison with RCI and Fresno State to help bridge those partnerships and beyond to strengthen Metro's work."

Sabrina Kelley, MPH

Occupation: Community Relations Coordinator, Wells Fargo

"I serve with Fresno Metro Ministry because I believe in the transformative work we are doing to improve access to healthy foods, improve disenfranchised neighborhoods, and empower residents to create the kinds of changes they want to see in their neighborhoods."

Dr. Francine L. Oputa

Occupation: Director, Central Valley Cultural Heritage Institute - California State University, Fresno

Serving on Metro's board provides me an opportunity to contribute to an organization that serves the diverse constituencies in our community and is in line with my faith tradition and my commitment to social justice.

Artie Padilla

Occupation: Executive Director, Every Neighborhood Partnership

"I accepted the role of being on the Metro board because I strongly believe in the long range vision that Metro has for Fresno and the Valley. I truly believe that Metro will be an agent of positive change for the families in our city and region."

Jenny Saklar

Occupation: Operations Manager, Food Commons Fresno

"Wholeness. Wellness. Justice. Peace. Fresno Metro Ministry encompasses the values and vision that are critical for community health and I am honored to be a part of it. Its influence on raising quality of life is remarkable as well are its methods for inclusion and creation. I am forever grateful that we have such an organization to lead the change we want to see in our world."

Dr. Matilda Soria

Occupation: Coordinator II - Early Care & Education, Fresno County Office of Education

"I am proud to be a Board Member of Fresno Metro Ministry. From the organization’s team of talented staff to the cadre of engaged partners, Metro is an innovative, cutting-edge community-benefit organization that truly leverages all of the great assets in our city."

Rev. Dr. Randy White

Occupation: Executive Director, FPU Center for Community Transformation

"I hold Metro dear to my heart because Metro holds the city close to its heart. As a faith organization Metro has been invited into the public square and they steward that privilege well on behalf of the abundant community they are trying to build. Metro not only operates from abundant vision, but it has learned how to operationalize that vision and collaboratively get things done."

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