Our Approach

Our new mission reflects our theory of change: Learning, connecting and engaging to achieve healthy people and healthy places.  We believe that many people from all walks of life in our community hold shared values such as health, happiness and family prosperity— and it is pertinent we take the time to learn about and understand each other better to find new ways to positively engage and connect so that people don’t feel isolated, marginalized, apathetic or disempowered.  

This community building takes time and energy and there is no shortcut around building trusting relationships.  Our outreach efforts are derived from the internationally-acclaimed Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) model in which a community focuses more on its assets then on its deficits in order to improve the quality of life for all in the community.  We recognize that often institutions, whether public, private or non-profit, exist in ways that dehumanize and remove agency from all types of residents who have assets and resources that could contribute to the solutions.  If we can successfully build stronger cross-sector relationships and cross-cultural understanding that build on our assets, we can create resilient and sustainable communities.  

Metro is committed to the long-term development of diverse constituents who can speak for themselves and create their own resilient neighborhoods by developing new relationships (cross-sector, multicultural) with common identities, goals and achievements with others in their community. 

Our execution strategy is to be a backbone organization in partnership with RCI for building and supporting the performance and positive impacts of diverse, interconnected partnership projects, each with independent community advisory committees and branding.


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