In August 2014, Metro completed a comprehensive strategic direction process, adopting a new mission-vision of ‘Learning, Connecting, and Engaging to Achieve Healthy People and Healthy Places.’ As a result, we have launched three new programs: 

These new programs were designed to build on the success of our previous Environmental Health, Hunger and Nutrition and Healthcare Access projects, and all work together to build and support a long-term vision for an active Healthy People and Healthy Places Network in Fresno and across the San Joaquin Valley.

Making Connections

For more than 20 years, Fresno Metro Ministry has produced this useful guide of nearly 350 local and regional social service organizations, city, county and state agencies and CBOs that provide needed supportive services for many of our community members. Annually, we distribute 3,000 Making Connections to individuals and organizations that refer to it daily, as they connect those they serve with resources, often as basic as food, shelter, and clothing.

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Abundant Community

Communities thrive when there’s opportunity to create jobs, build businesses and spur economic development in neighborhoods where families live, work and play. Through our annual Abundant Community conference, we gather people regionally around Asset-Based Community Development trainings that focus on the gifts, skills, knowledge and passions already present in our communities. Participants explore the distinct interests of our diverse people and neighborhoods and how each person can contribute in meaningful ways to achievement of individual and shared community and economic goals.

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Food to Share

Food to Share is a community food partnership that provides unique opportunities to address both food insecurity and environmental solutions. This project, inspired by the Fresno State Food Recovery Network model, will increase access and availability of nutritious food to underserved communities in Fresno County. Additionally, the project will make significant contributions to the improvement of regional air quality, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging waste diversion from landfills for renewable energy production in collaboration with Colony Energy and Caglia Environmental.

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Homegrown Health

Fresno is the 5th most food insecure city in the United States. Metro’s Homegrown Health works to reinforce our local food system and increase access to fresh, healthy produce, by educating and supporting communities in the urban production of vegetables in backyards, community gardens and urban farms; through culinary and nutrition education; and the promotion of food based entrepreneurial development. Metro believes that a strong and healthy food system is a foundational component to healthy people and healthy places.

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CalFresh Outreach

Metro serves as the facilitating organization of the CalFresh and EBT Advocacy Taskforce, which is made up of roughly 40 agencies in Fresno County. The Taskforce meets bi-monthly to share and explore best practices to raise awareness of hunger issues and CalFresh and Nutrition Education outreach. The Fresno County Department of Social Services representative provides guidance and coordination of local and state food policies advocacy, as well as keeps the Taskforce abreast of county policy changes, rules, regulations and resources. As advocates, one of our primary goals is to bring food resources to the under-served and un-served populations in both urban and rural areas of Fresno County.

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Better Blackstone Association

The Better Blackstone Association is an emerging association of diverse people and organizations who are committed to seeing new investment and revitalization of the Blackstone corridor. We want Blackstone to be a successful place for expanding and starting businesses, safe and clean neighborhoods, mixed-use developments, rapid transit systems, and convenient services, recreation, and entertainment that meet every day needs. Better Blackstone members are leaders from businesses, institutions, and neighborhoods that are gathering throughout 2015 to build a shared vision and strong partnerships in order to actively build a Better Blackstone together.

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What's Cooking Fresno?

Fresno Metro Ministry, the backbone organization for the Better Blackstone Association, is one of 26 grant recipients (only two in CA) out of 528 applicants, funded by The Kresge Foundation FreshLo initiative to support our "Building the Better Blackstone CDC through Food Oriented Placemaking" project.

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Healthy People and Healthy Places Network

The Healthy People, Healthy Places Network builds on our long-term work in the region to improve air quality, land use patterns and public health in the 8-county San Joaquin Valley. We are focused on finding the assets in each community who are committed to public health, and bringing them together for shared learning opportunities and coordinated advocacy with a focus on data-driven advocacy for policies that will lead to healthy people and healthy places.

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FMM Cooking Matters

A FREE six-week nationally acclaimed cooking curriculum. We offer classes for kids, teens, and families. Our participant learn how to make healthy meals in 30 min. or less, read food label, plan and shop on a budget, while connecting with others in the community. Completely hands-on and interactive.

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