Making Connections

For more than 20 years, Fresno Metro Ministry has produced this useful guide of nearly 350 local and regional social service organizations, city, county and state agencies and CBOs that provide needed supportive services for many of our community members. Annually, we distribute 3,000 Making Connections to individuals and organizations that refer to it daily, as they connect those they serve with resources, often as basic as food, shelter, and clothing.

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Abundant Community

Communities thrive when there’s opportunity to create jobs, build businesses and spur economic development in neighborhoods where families live, work and play. Through our annual Abundant Community conference, we gather people regionally around Asset-Based Community Development trainings that focus on the gifts, skills, knowledge and passions already present in our communities. Participants explore the distinct interests of our diverse people and neighborhoods and how each person can contribute in meaningful ways to achievement of individual and shared community and economic goals.

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