Proposed St. Rest + Food to Share Hub


2316 South Elm Avenue, Fresno, California


Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. (Stantec) prepared this Analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternatives (ABCA) for a parcel of land containing a building located at 2316 South Elm Avenue, Fresno, California (the “Property”), on behalf of City of Fresno (City or the “Client”). The Property, known locally as the former Farmer John Meat Company warehouse, occupies 0.46-acres. The Property was acquired by the current owner, St. Rest Baptist Church (SRBC) in 2014 for the purpose of renovation of the building and adaptive reuse of the Property as a food hub (the “St. Rest + Food to Share Hub”) in partnership with Fresno Metropolitan Ministry. The redevelopment plans include: a) repair and renovation of the existing 5,852 square foot (SF) former Farmer John Meat Company warehouse to serve as a food recovery, storage, and distribution center, b) construction of a new 3,800-SF two-story building that will include office space, a meeting room, and a certified commercial kitchen, and c) “urban heat island” mitigation measures in the form of landscape improvements in outdoor areas.


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